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No one in my family had ever been to college. The Adopt-A-College Program was a big motivator for me. It taught me to never stop believing.

--Daniel Lopez

The Adopt-A-College Program motivated me to acquire a higher education. I recently graduated from the UC Riverside and am currently a pre-med student at San Francisco State University.

Thank you.

--Julie Ngoc Thai, 2008

Growing up in the Edenvale community was tough. I could easily have dropped out and gotten into trouble. Instead, I was introduced to the Adopt-A-College Program. The Adopt-A-College Scholarship was my first and other followed. Thanks to Edenvale, I have a BA from UCLA and MA from Columbia University.

--Shannon Lightner, 2008

A  Poem by  Anna Olagues

Edenvale Alumna


I am from Dogaway

I am from Roeder and Azucar

I am from the house with the big tree and the big cyclone fence

I am from big dreams

I am from a first generation political refugees

I am from a mother who spoke no English

I am from AA meetings

I am from a very close and loving family

I am from the rat ivy,

I am from the haunted oak tree

And the pirate ship

I am from the little yellow line up feet

I am from ”that” math group and ”that” reading group

I am knowing neither Spanish nor English

I am confusion

And being held back in first grade

I am from our application letter

From the box full of shirts

And that first response letter

I am from big dreams

I am from the San Jose State fieldtrip

I am from knowing my major and minor in fourth grade

I am from knowing

I am from Davis Junior High and Oak Grove

I am from San Jose State

I am from San Jose State with a bachelor degree

From UC Davis with a teaching credential

And from a Master’s Degree in Education with a 3.9

I am from Harmon Johnson Elementary School

I am from frustration


And wanting the best for my students

I am from I am going to college

I am from nobody can do everything

Everyone can do something

And together we accomplish amazing things

The Adopt-A-College Program was the spark that ignited the fire in me to want to go to college. The promise of a scholarship showed me that people believed in me and helped me believe in myselft. As a result, I worked hard in school and was able to graduate from Stanford University.
--Raymond Belarmino
I am going to college because I want to set a good example for my younger siblings and family members. I want them to look up to me and set a goal for themselves and go to college too. As a lawyer, I plan to go back to the islands of American Samoa and help my people.
--Anau Faleo
When I was in elementary school, writing to colleges and getting letters back was cool. The Adopt-A-College Program really encouraged me to stay in high school. I used the scholarship to attend Sequoia Technical Institute. I graduated from Sequoia in fourteen months with full auto technician certification. I now have a good paying job.
      --T.J. Robbins
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